Thursday, July 31, 2008

Forks, grease, Oh..... and Unemployment, please.

Big fat bum. I was made unemployed on Tuesday as our perfectly profitable studio and less profitable and poorly managed umbrella company went into administration. Whats more, the month of work that I've just done isn't being payed to me and we are all supposed to be off on holiday tomorrow...

However, I'm beating off the suicidal tendencies and trying to be pro-active. Hopefully there is freelance work in the wings and we have the outside possibility of being bought up lock stock. I can only wait until Friday...

I had just spent lots of money on making my bike work again and although I really wish I could get the parts refunded, I can't as I put them on the bike on Monday night! So I'm going to enjoy the parts, take the holiday and think very seriously about what I'm going to do.

Before the new parts were bolted on, I serviced my forks, shock and other various parts on the frame, which, hopefully wont develop problems out in Morzine. Below are pictures!

Lots of sand came out of these and are the cause of the wear on the anodizing on the sauntions. I will have to replace them at some point.

I was really concerned about doing this until watching a video from Mojo on Mpora. Nice one Mojo!

Frame in a well cladded, lightly tightened vice...

All back together again, with a new Blackspire Dewlie, Nukeproof Generator/Sun wheelset, 08 XT casette, 08 XT shifters and XT front mech and chain.

Before the arrival of the shiny new parts, I had the pleasure of visiting Gav to sweat all night in his studio flat, after a few beers and rounds of Mared Tete with Jim and Sarah at their local. Proper lock-in bo. Then off to Leith to ride with loads of Pompey-ites on the hottest day I think I have ever exercised on! Lost my weight in sweat, but was shown some amazing new lines next to BKB with jumps etc and had a great ride. Cheers all involved.

Red hot Welshman!

Daryl surveys Phil's bloody off.

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