Wednesday, July 23, 2008


With Wingstock hastily re-scheduled for some other time, the remaining party animals gathered for a BBQ Dave and Steffi style - ie lots of food and clouds! It was great to catch up with everyone, especially to show Rich the house and he show us his new raspy Alpha...

Suitably gorged, from the night before, the 'lads' headed out early on various steeds including the DDG bad-ass-ness and a hired 08 Enduro SL form Phil Corleys.

Straight off to Chicksands, and as it must have been over a year since I was there last, some stuff had changed! Different shore sections a plenty, some of which I even rode, and new lips and bits all over, very satisfying...

Gav was out for the first time in absolutely ages and he had a real blast which was brilliant! He rode better than I've seen before and is now going to hire a bike for the Alps, what a turn up! Mike and Gav were sharing the SL and although confidence inspiring for Gav, the general consensus as that its not as good a frame or bike in general as the Enduro of old. It felt lighter (but not in a good way - less rigid and more breakable!) and the suspension wasn't anywhere near as solid as the Fox predecessors.


Anyway, Daryl was riding well, too, doing the small ladder before he'd pedaled anything else... We all ran the dual course a few times for a warm up and I believe that this was instrumental in gearing Gav up for the day. :p

Then on to other trails, drops and jumps before some really good runs on the excellent dual, again... Whips aplenty of those lovely lips!



After all this excitement, we hightailed it over to Woburn, beating the rain and nailing the hip line (badly) for some video and doing a small roadgap/stepdown thingy that I couldn't face on my own! Wahey! Back home for a roast and amazing choccy cake courtesy of Steffi and Gemma! And relax!



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