Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Last night ride?

Amazing day today for spring - my car read 18 degrees C earlier. That, combined with a few dry days meant that the trails were running pretty quick tonight and the regular Weds night crew were pushing the pace. Its noticeable that there have been efforts to 'close' trails by tree knocking over (not an exaggeration) and foliage strewing since the re-introduction of the Greensands management... Not that it really is an issue!

Anyway, some of the guys got the jump on me and Captain Faff and managed to get some daylight runs in on the Hogans hill and made a point of letting us know. As i said, it was quick, and probably one of the best/fastest rides of the night series this winter.

The clocks change this weekend, so this could be one of the last night rides before spring sets into summer, so I took out the camera to try and get some night shots. Bad night shots were taken - I really need to get my act together...





tight at night...

Viva la headtorch! Riding trails as flat out as you can at night really puts them into a different dimension and something we quickly forget n summer. I might just venture out a bit after hours this year, though...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Senior Session

Tam said that he wants to learn to jump this year. What with being 40 and all, he thinks if he doesn't do it now, he wont. Fair enough, push the boundaries and all that. Anyway, I like that attitude, so struck out on the 9am loop with the boys, before cutting short and heading over to the pump track to hook up with Tam. In my sights were manualling pump bumps and getting some decent air on the lower pump loop's hip. I managed the manny, sort of, and did one or two tables on the hip after a bit of tutoring from some kids!

Tam on the hip...



In fairness, for some reason, Tam's seat post was WELDED into his frame and didn't want to move, so this hindered the jumping a bit... But for me, it was good to rool on the pump track on a hardtail - much better!

Tam needs a lesson in focussing...

This hip is really hard to get air on unless your good at riding the bumps as you need loads of speed and a good pop. Fun though.


This guy and his mate were sessioning with us. Bit more pop.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Peaslake massive

Had a good fast ride to exhaustion on Sunday down in Surrey hills, fitting in some of the usual suspects and coming back over to Pitch Hill to wring out the final bits of energy on the singletrack there. I felt pretty crook and almost threw up on the first downhill! Good day out though, with G man on his new Pitch, Daryl, me and Mark from up my way who hadn't ridden there before. It was pretty dry and the trails ran quite fast, with quite a lot of grip...




No visit to the quarry would be complete without a pic!