Friday, June 22, 2007

International Cohen

You can only get hold of Mike on Facebook these days, so I nabbed these shots that he'd posted to show more people just how much help he's really giving those poor Hondurans. Looks to me as if they fed him up then threw him off a cliff to dam a river to make a hydro electric plant... Best use of 'technology', I'd say.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Just a few photies from our visit to the Gorge Du Verdon whilst we were lapping up the sunshine out in France for the Branfields wedding. Lack of multi-pitch ability limited the venue slightly, and meant a bloomin long walk in (check out the distant sloping crag in the first photo-avec climbing gear..) but still a cracking climb...and pretty nervewracking considering it was Gem's first go at belaying a leader (She did a sterling job mind you, especially considering my girth)!! Had a nice 75ft 5+ which was plenty enough in the heat. Gem even managed to solo a 9b+!!! Got a real taste for the place and am looking forward to a visit next spring with some long routes in mind....wahey






Soggy old XC...







The other evening Jon Leigh (Sams cousin, for those who know) went for a very damp XC burn after work. I know we all go on these, but I had the camera, so I thought I'd post it up as the site has been suffering the neglect of IBFCDIY, of late! So wet, was it that we stuck to more established routes as a lot of the fields that we'd have normally hacked over were about a foot under water.

We came across a Moris Minor graveyard down the side of the railway line to Northampton, which produced thoses GCSE style photos above. Shame to see those lovely old cars sitting and rotting, but thats the way it goes. Jon regretted wearing long trousers and I regretted being out of shape. Nice to be out though and topped off with a pint at the Black Horse.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Marriage Bliss!

Thanks to everyone who helped make Weds and Sat such special days for Steffi and I. We really did have a fantastic time and hope that everyone else did too! Was great to have everone down in Bormes and share that lovely part of the world with us and Steffi's parents. One or two pics. More will follow, as soon as Ant, our photographer is better (has been in hospital - get well soon mate.).

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