Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Testing Testing

Our blog is changing slightly, I've posted the guidance on the new rules. If anyone understands this complete waffling load of utter shite explanation please explain it to me. Gav I think you 'own' the original IBFC site under 'thewince' and need to move it over. I've migrated the rest of them.

A team blog will only switch to the new version of Blogger when the original owner moves his or her account over.

Team members who have not yet switched to the new version will still see the blog on their dashboards, but it will be grayed out and inaccessible. Once those members move their own accounts to the new version of Blogger, they will be able to access the blog as before. If they can't yet switch, or don't wish to, they can ask the owner of the blog for a new invitation to join the blog on the new version. They can then accept that invitation by logging in to or creating a Google Account to post to that blog. (Later on, when they do switch their Blogger account to the new version, they'll have an option to merge it with this account.)

If a team member of a blog switches their account to the new version of Blogger before the blog owner does, then the team blog is not converted. It will appear on the team member's converted dashboard, but clicking on it will lead back to the old version of Blogger. Thus, the blog will still be usable, but without the new features of Blogger (e.g. Labels, Layouts, etc.).

Special case for blogs that have been moved to different accounts: In the previous version of Blogger, the team member who originally created a blog could be removed from the team. This is not possible in the new version of Blogger, where each blog must have an owner who cannot be removed. Thus, a new owner is assigned to these blogs.

Where there is only one admin member on the blog, that person becomes the new owner of the blog after they switch to the new version of Blogger. If there are multiple admins, then the last person to switch becomes the new owner. The other members will still have admin rights, but the new owner will be the permanent member and owner of the blog. So if you have a team blog that fits this description (i.e. the original creator is no longer part of the blog) you can coordinate among your members to decide who will take ownership of it.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

IBFC Boarding

After so much deliberation my head hurts we finally have boarding booked. Les Arcs 1800.

Keep checking and perform snow dance(s) as and when required!

Christoph 'the snowman' Lawler

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Extreme Tricycling

You heard it here first and the pictures prove that the members of IBFC are willing to go to new lengths to see what excitement we can have. On a small visit to Mike's folks on Saturday we decided to capture the excitement of "Extreme Tricycling"!

TO put you in the picture the Tricycle picture has a brake drum on the rear left wheel while the chain drives the right. After Mike had ridden over my foot "sorry mate i forgot it was so wide at the back", he showed me the advantage and excitement of this system, through your weight to the left get the rear right wheel up and you can puddle furiously with no effect on traction or throw your weight right get the rear right up and throw some freestyle moves and some gurn like expressions...Sweeeeeet!

Video to follow but for now heres some pics of Captain Cohen in action.



look at his face, what do you see, look at it

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Girl alert!

Right, I know that all you boys will be frowning at a post done by a girl, but let me finish!

On the 29th on December, Steffi, yes I Steffi walked up a hill, not any old hill either. Mont St Victoire near Aix en Provence, it's 964 metres! We started around 300 metres and went all the way to the top (we being my brother Peter, his girlfirend Pippa and me).

I have to add that Peter did have to check my pulse on several occasions as I thought I was having a heart attack, but after the initial shock of physical exertion and wanting to cry I was fine!

Look at a picture of it here:
Or if you ask me nicely I'll show you a picture on my phone.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007



As can be seen by my best effort at giving a thumbs up I have broken my hand not just once but twice!! I will not divulge the cause of this terrible accident on the portal as I feel the radical nature may scare some of you away from extreme pursuits!!!

At least 8 weeks off my bike may give some of you other cake eaters a chance to catch the mighty Finter on the downhill's.