Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Extreme Tricycling

You heard it here first and the pictures prove that the members of IBFC are willing to go to new lengths to see what excitement we can have. On a small visit to Mike's folks on Saturday we decided to capture the excitement of "Extreme Tricycling"!

TO put you in the picture the Tricycle picture has a brake drum on the rear left wheel while the chain drives the right. After Mike had ridden over my foot "sorry mate i forgot it was so wide at the back", he showed me the advantage and excitement of this system, through your weight to the left get the rear right wheel up and you can puddle furiously with no effect on traction or throw your weight right get the rear right up and throw some freestyle moves and some gurn like expressions...Sweeeeeet!

Video to follow but for now heres some pics of Captain Cohen in action.



look at his face, what do you see, look at it

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