Saturday, August 11, 2012

Harrsions, Bowles etc

Had a cracking weeekend down in Kent on Southern Sandstone. Itzi, Shaun and I went down Fri night. We got off to a flying start & whilst Itzi set-up camp (bless her)Shaun and I got straight down to Bowles for an evening climb. Shaun had never been before and my ankle was still screwed from climbing (falling!!) in France, so we were never going to set the world on fire but we got up a couple including the classic Pigs nose. All followed by a bbq on the open fire at the brillliant campsite-Campfire weekends, run by an absolutely cracking chap who lights the fire for you, day and night! Saturday saw us up at Harrisons, where we snuck a lot of routes in, ad despite the now very painful ankle I even managed a few I haven't tried before-nothing too taxing but quality routes, especially, Birchden Wall-5b, and Unclimbed wall-5b, the latter being a lovely traverse. DSCN1383 Wailing Wall 5c DSCN1336 Another BBQ and fire followed, this time with the owners of the campsite and some of their friends. This made for a lovely evening and a real pleasant change-very nice! Sunday and we were off to Bowles again, Shaun had to go home Sat, so on Sunday we met my sister and Paul with our niece Ellie for her first taster of outdoor rock! This was perfect could I could barely walk by now (need to give the ankle a few more weeks!) so spent all day putting up easy routes for Ellie and Itzi, of which they did about 7-8!!! Leanne and Paul even got a chance to have a quick go. DSCN1393 DSCN1408 DSCN1404 All this was then topped off by Jay and Alice turning up for a late afternoon climb and howdy-so back we went to Pigs Nose where Jay romped up with a hangover after going to a wedding Sat night-Sweet!! DSCN1416 DSCN1411 DSCN1422