Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pitch Hill Ride.





Wow, one of the best rides in absolutely ages. Adam, Chris and Dave headed to Pitch Hill in Surrey for some actioned packed trails in the beutiful sun of Saturday just gone. Very fast and engaging trails they were too, with me onsighting the first few trails directly behind Adam and with Chris snapping at heels, it felt like I was flying over all sorts of stuff at break neck speed! Much better than the Leith trails it must be said and Barry Knows Best, yog pots and the numerous other trails we ran all felt amazing. Thoroughly knackered after a good 4 and a bit hours riding, all I could do was drive home, not fall asleep doing so, and not stop smiling. More please!

Lost your Mojo?

The ultimate slimming tool

Here at IBFC, we pride ourselves on our skills of international rescue... Here Captain Slow himself, Mike, is found searching for Juan-Hulio's Mojo, deep in a spanish grotto, with only a helmet and torso for protection. His legs, meanwhile are sunning it up on the costa. No, I'm being silly, he's really involved in land-diving for wine, which by all account flows readily under the spanish seirras for several months of the year and is harvested in thimbles by the locals who sell it at 6 Euros for 5 litres...

Working hard then, Mikey? No thought not.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Pompey Privateers Raid Leith Hill

With most of the IBFC contingent on the continent or moving house it was left to the 3 amigos from the sunny Isle of Portsmouth to ensure some extreme action took place over the Easter bank holiday. So Gareth, Aaron and I (Daryl) set off nursing slight hangovers from the previous evening's barbecue at the Finter-Sayers residence, for a little mission at Leith Hill.

Sadly, due to the absence of our trusty photographer, we have had to make do with some shoddy camera-phone artwork to adorn the site. No photos of Aaron and Gareth in action either I am afraid as the camera didn't seem to be able to capture these rare beasts in action. I'll put it down to their lightening pace and the camera's slow shutter speed so as not to offend!!!!

Anyway a good day was had by all at the usual spots and a nice early finish to get back in time to relax on the final evening of the bank holiday...

Finter Quarry jump

Finter on small slope


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cock lovers

Well here she is with her rightful owners, and what a beauty....
Firstly we'd like to thank Dave and Steffi for hosting such a wonderful event, but most of all we'd like to thank all those of you who attended with substandard wings and allowed such an easy victory to be clinched. Special mention should go out to Rich & Anna for making what were the most ridiculously hot wings of the night, shame about the fact they imparted chemical burns on the whole digestive tract!

Anyone who fancies a pop at the title next year had better be prepared, as we will have the added advantage of being on our manor.

Viva la' Wingstock......

Cock 1

Monday, April 02, 2007

Chicksands weekend







Daryl and I sneaked in a quick blast at Chicksands on Sat before Wingstock. I wasn't feeling that confident,t having not been on my bike so much of late, but we still had a good blat around and Daryl enjoyed it. The 4X comp was on and so quite busy with people doing time trialling. The Dual was rideablr though and still one of the best things there. Cheers to all those who came to Wingstock/house party on sat, had a wicked time and good to see everyone. Well done to Daryl and Gemma who clinched the Cock D'or and in the true spirit of the event, got really competetive about it! I think we need a pic of said Cock, Daryl...