Monday, April 09, 2007

Pompey Privateers Raid Leith Hill

With most of the IBFC contingent on the continent or moving house it was left to the 3 amigos from the sunny Isle of Portsmouth to ensure some extreme action took place over the Easter bank holiday. So Gareth, Aaron and I (Daryl) set off nursing slight hangovers from the previous evening's barbecue at the Finter-Sayers residence, for a little mission at Leith Hill.

Sadly, due to the absence of our trusty photographer, we have had to make do with some shoddy camera-phone artwork to adorn the site. No photos of Aaron and Gareth in action either I am afraid as the camera didn't seem to be able to capture these rare beasts in action. I'll put it down to their lightening pace and the camera's slow shutter speed so as not to offend!!!!

Anyway a good day was had by all at the usual spots and a nice early finish to get back in time to relax on the final evening of the bank holiday...

Finter Quarry jump

Finter on small slope


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