Sunday, October 17, 2010

You know you're a hick, when...

Your cat thinks its a dog.


Chris and Lemmy living the dream.

New Bits

I recently ordered in some new shiney stuff and had a bit of a sort out, turning the On One into a bona fide commuter bike. I did this a little while ago, and there are some bits I need to sort (as ever) like swapping the rotors over, but she's basically there...


XT running and stopping gear - 34 42 up front.
Spare parts from my box.
FSA XC wheelset from On One.
Schwable Speed Cruiser (?) tyres.
New rigid fork from On One.

Verdict? Bloody excellent and quick to boot.

New Hope Vision 4 is excellent in my opinion after the exhaustive testing of one evening - in depth!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Its getting dark. I bought a spangly hope vision 4 and now its all lit up again.

Scot leading the pack.

First night ride of the season - hopefully one of MANY! Dry tonight with a brief chill in the air, autumn has definitely set in...

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Wet Leith, I'm sure I've said that before...

I had a long standing arrangement to ride with my mate James and it was one of those things that wouldn't happen unless you set a date and stick to it, so we did. What we didn't know in the summer, was what the weather would have in store for us!

I've ridden many times at Leith when it has rained all day, but this time it was a bit different. Looking up from Peaslake, even the hill tops there were stuck in cloud and that was the way it would stay until we'd nearly finished!

Excellent grip despite the rain and great to ride with some new people. Very impressed with Jame's ride and also his fitness - at 59 he's still keeping us all very honest! Hopefully we should hook up with Ben's crew again and big up his mate's new bike shop. Wet Word...

BC anyone?

Near the Tower.

Yes those are tights with holes in.

Ben gets fast and loose on his rigid singlespeed.

Chris is 30