Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Shots

Nice little sesh at aquiet woburn. We need rain like a canoe needs a river. weird analogy? Yes, but I kept it watery... Woburn is falling apart, but on the upside, the new rock garden is holding up! ;P

Pics. I wanted to shoot the pump bump chicken run to this flat double as I thought I'd get a good compression shot. It didn't work out, so I got these instead... This is a 2 and a bit bike length double, very flat and straight into a right hander with lots of trees to clip. Testing. Charlie and Ben make it look easy. Its just a setup double at the start of the Skyline trail, but I like it...

Love this angle, but it really doesnt show how tight it is.

Different angle.

Ben on it.

Steve owns this gap. Doesn't need a bike, hands in pockets, with camera deployed in tourist mode. Legend...

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Proper Dusty

Weds night dustyness again. re-took the shot of the step down on skyline, but with proper lighting this time... Enjoy.

Check it out.


Charlie on the case.

Ben doing the same.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Leith - I forgot to post...

Taking a break from hunting for stag accom, I forgot I didn't post our pics from the Leith ride that produced the sequence...

Not Leith, but Charlie, jumping at Woburn on one of his new Treks.

Stu on the step down trunk.

Daryl on another step down.

Tam about to hit a tree and break his brake line.

G man on a roll in thats steeper than it looks here and ends in a pretty big step down if you don't hit the brakes. Roll it like you stole it, G.