Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Shots

Nice little sesh at aquiet woburn. We need rain like a canoe needs a river. weird analogy? Yes, but I kept it watery... Woburn is falling apart, but on the upside, the new rock garden is holding up! ;P

Pics. I wanted to shoot the pump bump chicken run to this flat double as I thought I'd get a good compression shot. It didn't work out, so I got these instead... This is a 2 and a bit bike length double, very flat and straight into a right hander with lots of trees to clip. Testing. Charlie and Ben make it look easy. Its just a setup double at the start of the Skyline trail, but I like it...

Love this angle, but it really doesnt show how tight it is.

Different angle.

Ben on it.

Steve owns this gap. Doesn't need a bike, hands in pockets, with camera deployed in tourist mode. Legend...

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