Thursday, June 22, 2006

How to climb rock when you live in Bucks!

The now alomst professional standard, Wednesday night climbing crew of 'Hard Start Steve', 'Travis Crimpenhorn' and 'Vertigo Dave' have reached the limits of all known indoor climbing facilities, so with this in mind and a two and a half hour drive to Sheffield or Bowles, the granite-warriors tapped the underground and came up with a stunning little Gem. Where do you climb outdoors when you live in Bucks? Answer, you go and play on the disused railway bridges near Olney! I must admit that I was a little sceptical before we left, but as it turned out, there were some really good routes to be had on the bridges. The brick slabs are rough-cut Grasandnite Stone (Jelouse, geology boy? The IBFC's rock knowledge is encyclopedic, really obscure stuff that, shipped over from Chad especially for disused railways.) with all sorts of holds appearing, crimpers, undercuts and slopers - all there. You can climb all variety of routes and take some as high as the bridge sides (appx 30ft), but we hadn't got a bouldering mat with us, so settled for a few techy crimp routes, with Hard-Start setting a few beuties. Thoroughly good. We'll be back when the new spandex sponsor comes up with the goods.

Likely lads raid Bracknell...

With Alpine preparations kicking and spluttering into action, a wheezing and coughing (Shisha seems like such a cosmopolitan idea until you've got to do exercise!) collective of IBFC members headed down to Swinley for what can only be described as some scorchingly medium-paced trail action. The mood for the ride was set with the presence of the recently aquired "Thunder Chariot", the team IBFC P-D Isuzu Trooper, in all its dented and rusting glory. Loud mouth southern rep, 'Thats-the-kiddy!' Finter was gloriously late which allowed me to fit a shorter stem on my enduro, whilst Mike attempted to make his old Kona, pedal, brake and change gear - all fundamentals of biking, I've been told... I have to add that Mike was riding said bike, because he broke his £700 fox forks by overtightening the thru axle retainer bolts. Muppet.

Daryl finally arrived and produced the most Sh*t-kickingly old, hobbled together GT the world has ever seen. "s'got gears though!" he beamed, having proudly undersold his P1 for £200 to a mate, "whilst a bit drunk".
What followed was lots of fireroad pedalling whilst Mike pretended that he knew where he was and then some really bad berm riding near the dirt-jumps, before hitting the trails and some synchronised (or not) drops where captain slow rode straight into a tree. See pictures! Always good to have Daryl on any mission, just for the gawping stupid faces he pulls, also see picture. Nice one boys, hopefully we can get the whole Alps crew together next time...

Monday, June 19, 2006


Welcome to our new site.

As you can see we've grown a little and now have a dedicated Rally and Motorsport section.

Check them out for more info and back here for more of the antics of the ibrakeforcake team.



As to be expected our new site is having problems in some versions of IE for PC. Our Web Monkey is working on this and will be updating the site as soon as possible!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mike's Thought for the Day

I think therefore I am

I'm pink therefore I'm spam


Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Hello One and all!

Everyone turned out in style for the glorious weather of the Gower in South Wales and had a smashing time celebrating Mike getting old!! Great to see everybody and I for one had brilliant fun. Climbing, relaxing, sun, Shisha, full on beach party (with responsible, adult tidying up as we're all getting ona bit!), frisbee and knacker squashingly cold swimming! What more could one ask. I've posted a few pics of the bouldering as I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was at that scary height of 'just above safe'. Other highlights included watching a very drunk Gav try and get into the boot of a rover, exploding stuff and Linzee's unquenchable desire for cookies at breakfast. Brilliant! My sunburn still hurts and I can't wait to do it all over again soon. Viva La Gower!