Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Hello One and all!

Everyone turned out in style for the glorious weather of the Gower in South Wales and had a smashing time celebrating Mike getting old!! Great to see everybody and I for one had brilliant fun. Climbing, relaxing, sun, Shisha, full on beach party (with responsible, adult tidying up as we're all getting ona bit!), frisbee and knacker squashingly cold swimming! What more could one ask. I've posted a few pics of the bouldering as I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was at that scary height of 'just above safe'. Other highlights included watching a very drunk Gav try and get into the boot of a rover, exploding stuff and Linzee's unquenchable desire for cookies at breakfast. Brilliant! My sunburn still hurts and I can't wait to do it all over again soon. Viva La Gower!

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Style*Slave said...

skills...but whats this about me and the boot of a rover...fill in the blanks please monsieur branfield!