Sunday, April 20, 2008

Riding!... At last.

Weather always throws something unpleasant at you in the UK and more often than not, best laid plans are knackered. Daryl and I had planned to climb some sport routes this Sunday in the start of a beautiful sport climbing partnership that'll see us dismissing 7cs before you can say, "chinny chin chin". But no. Metcheck informed us of persistent if light rain and rash DIY decisions were made to go riding in Bracknell, which also meant that Gareth could come too. Bonus!

So 10 rolls round and were there, in the overflow carpark, mocking the Gorrick contenders (as fools for being so fit) and having fun with the parking, all ready to go and smash Daryl's newly mended wrist. Thing was, this was a day for the unexpected. It didn't rain, Daryl didn't smash his wrist, Gareth rode with a noticeable improvement and I was absolutely crap! Awesome!




Also, sorry for taking so long to post these I have been a busy boy. I have now also done my back in laying three floors in a day, at work. Thanks. But still managed to get some new kitchen bits in with the help of Gavin. Nice one mate.

Click on the pics and the videos of just how crap I am are on Flickr, too.