Monday, August 20, 2007


I've decided that facebook has killed this site, but I'm going to carry on regardless... J and I managed to squeeze in a session of snowboarding tomfoolery at xscape on Friday night. Although a touch icy on one side, it was considerably better than the last time I was there with Chris and we had a really good sesh. Its nice to go out and be straight on it and the rail/small kicker combo that was out was spot on... Below are some photos that Mike took last month on the south coast, rescued from facebblahblahblah.... Lake District/Wales (can't decide what to do as the bathroom REALLY needs finishing!!!!) this weekend so much better as Gav and I got rained out of climbing in Shef this weekend.

Monday, August 13, 2007



Absolutely amazing day out at Cwmcarn, yeaterday! Bit of a full-on mission, getting up at 6am, driving to Wales, doing the XC loop, a couple of runs round the Freeride bit at the top, a hike back up to the road drop on the downhill and riding up to the first tunnel on the DH twice! Then driving home and getting stuck in all the traffic from the Biker that was shot on the M40... Bloody worth it though! Sadly no photos as the camera is now officially deed. Great to get back on it after breaking my paw, but it felt ace, although I didn't punish it too much. Daryl didn't shut up all day about his DeeMax rims and new Lyric fork and having had some time out, I've replaced/serviced a hell of a lot of stuff on my frame, so it felt really smooth again. Always amazed with Chris' performance (speed mostley) on a hardtail, especially going down the slab garden on the DH course. We finished our last run absolutely beat and almost unable to hold our bars. Proper job. Bring on the lakes in a few weeks!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Cwm Carn

Darn it, I just had to get Gav's face lower down the page! Off to Cwm Carn for a one hit wonder on Sunday... Just hoping my Chain Reaction parts arrive before then! Bloody postal strikes...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Beautiful People....

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing yet another extreme string the IBFC's already hardcore and gnarly bow, we introduce the International Art of Jowling. Perhaps for the first time on our fair shores, IBFC members subject their faces to levels of G-Force previously experienced only by astronauts and test pilots in order to pull the ultmimate Jowl. Not everyone can do it, patience and perseverence are required, but I think we might already have a couple of ProJowl contenders...

Gav Jowl

Branny Jowl

Steffi Jowl

Chris Jowl

Lys Jowl

Chris Jowl

Gav Jowl

Posh Jowl