Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Well, its one year to the day since we launched the IBFC collective. So a little thank you to all the contributors, our readers, friends, girlfriends, families and all that jazz. Maybe one day soon I will fix the posting issue so we can receive all those comments that never show!

Particular thanks go to Dave and Chris for they continued dedication to the cause, constant posting etc for whom without this site would have little content to make this wee venture worthwhile.

IBFC_hits 1_year

This message comes from Gav, coder, designer and general geek, sat in his hotel room all on his tod in France currently reading the snow report for the Les Arc IBFC boarding trip/stag do for monsieur Branfield who is shortly to get married to the very wonderful Steffi!

AS you can see tis party time here, pizza, beers and work, god i know how to live! (To anyone reading this at work - yes i am actually working, but thought i would take a little break!)

So here’s to another year, hopefully a little bit more active than the winter now that the summer months are coming. More walks, climbs, riding, kiting, surfing, boarding(read skiing for Gav, Mike and Fiddi - it is the new cool i tell thee!).

Happy birthday IBFC!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Y-M-C-A, its fun to stay in the...

Thats right, Village People beware, Mike and Dave have formed a kick-ass homo singing club of their own (pictured below, pouting for publicity material) and they can knock your buildings around for free!! In short, the massive in-activity of some members of IBFC has been down to DIY. How boring. It should be noted, however, that I (Dave) have no clue what I'm doing, so I'm learning on the job, running on the premis that I have a degree and this building lark can't be that hard! See my house held up with wood... Oh well, it hasn't fallen down yet. Big thanks to Mike and Mum and Dad for their help during half term, its coming on a treat.



Sunday, February 18, 2007

Yawn stretch, is it spring yet?

IBFC seem to hibernated well and truly through the winter, hopefully we'll be kicking this behaviour in the guts with the impending boarding trip to Les Arcs. The general lack of excursions hasn't been helped by having NO money after the rally, Davros moving and my impending shift up to Telscombe Cliffs which was looking pretty sweet on Sat evening as the sun went down over Brighton.

Beach Sunset
Kate definatley took this photo on Friday afternoon, Warren

Cliff Sunset
and this one

as soon as we get a bit more light in the evenings and the South Downs cease to look like an overworked mud wrestling arena IBFC will cease to be a lifestyle blog and get back to where we started.

Need to check the exact date but we're also coming up for our 1st birthday!!!

Christof 'the overfed from Sunday lunch but quite content' Lawler

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


This weekend saw a nearly full strength IBFC crew including the girls head to Sheffield and Dr Jens house for a spot of sherry.

Friday nights drive required a fair display of ice and snow driving which meant we didn't get there till about 9.30 but was quite amusing and also meant we were probably in for snow the next day.

We've hit Kinder Scout before but with the weather the way it was we headed back to Edale and headed up past the station up the waterfall to be greated by a serious amount of cold white stuff.



Bits of the waterfall were just frozen enough to allow you stand on it briefly before cracking under the snow and delivering a cold water/boot slam dunk


Scrambling was a bit more interesting as you couldn't see most of the floor or grip much


Our lunch spot compared to the girls sauna and spa day!

Sat nights queue spanking got even better when the Arctic Monkeys rocked up inducing mosh related injuries and property loss (except if Gav's mum is reading this then Gav definately did NOT mosh at anytime, at all)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Back to Normality

Well, after all thats been going on I think that Chris and I are still reeling from the P2B thingy and enjoying time with our mrs's whilst generally everyone has had their heads down a bit over Jan. I for one have bitten off well more than I (or Steffi) can chew with our new building 'project' and I'm learning all about underpinning and other stupid stuff that I've claimed I can do - read, have no money to pay a professional so I'm going to have to bodge it and 'learn on the job'! I'm sure some hysterical pictures of me surrounded by the rubble that was once my house will follow.

However, and yes I know its been an age comming (technical blogger type things aparently) here are the pics from the other weekend when Richey P and Pete, Mike and I headed to Bracknell for a cruise around and a good laugh dropping off some stuff. Nice one all concerned and a great ride! Wicked to get Rich out on his new steed.

May I also point out that his helmet WAS as bad as it looked and he had matching neon gloves... Looking forward to the weekend as we're heading up to see doctor Jenny to be prescribed some booze and walking.






Saturday, February 03, 2007

changing times

Well as Christoph indicates below things have changed and we have moved all of our blogs over to the new version of blogger.

So how does this affect you, does it mean that you have comments that work again.

unfortunatly the only real change is the fact that you can see the blogger header bar on some pages, i'm working on this and hope to have it removed soon. I'm on the comments thing too and will do my best to get this fixed cos i know it would be rather useful!

Maybe its about time for a design change too! we'll see!