Thursday, February 08, 2007

Back to Normality

Well, after all thats been going on I think that Chris and I are still reeling from the P2B thingy and enjoying time with our mrs's whilst generally everyone has had their heads down a bit over Jan. I for one have bitten off well more than I (or Steffi) can chew with our new building 'project' and I'm learning all about underpinning and other stupid stuff that I've claimed I can do - read, have no money to pay a professional so I'm going to have to bodge it and 'learn on the job'! I'm sure some hysterical pictures of me surrounded by the rubble that was once my house will follow.

However, and yes I know its been an age comming (technical blogger type things aparently) here are the pics from the other weekend when Richey P and Pete, Mike and I headed to Bracknell for a cruise around and a good laugh dropping off some stuff. Nice one all concerned and a great ride! Wicked to get Rich out on his new steed.

May I also point out that his helmet WAS as bad as it looked and he had matching neon gloves... Looking forward to the weekend as we're heading up to see doctor Jenny to be prescribed some booze and walking.






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