Tuesday, February 13, 2007


This weekend saw a nearly full strength IBFC crew including the girls head to Sheffield and Dr Jens house for a spot of sherry.

Friday nights drive required a fair display of ice and snow driving which meant we didn't get there till about 9.30 but was quite amusing and also meant we were probably in for snow the next day.

We've hit Kinder Scout before but with the weather the way it was we headed back to Edale and headed up past the station up the waterfall to be greated by a serious amount of cold white stuff.



Bits of the waterfall were just frozen enough to allow you stand on it briefly before cracking under the snow and delivering a cold water/boot slam dunk


Scrambling was a bit more interesting as you couldn't see most of the floor or grip much


Our lunch spot compared to the girls sauna and spa day!

Sat nights queue spanking got even better when the Arctic Monkeys rocked up inducing mosh related injuries and property loss (except if Gav's mum is reading this then Gav definately did NOT mosh at anytime, at all)

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