Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Well, its one year to the day since we launched the IBFC collective. So a little thank you to all the contributors, our readers, friends, girlfriends, families and all that jazz. Maybe one day soon I will fix the posting issue so we can receive all those comments that never show!

Particular thanks go to Dave and Chris for they continued dedication to the cause, constant posting etc for whom without this site would have little content to make this wee venture worthwhile.

IBFC_hits 1_year

This message comes from Gav, coder, designer and general geek, sat in his hotel room all on his tod in France currently reading the snow report for the Les Arc IBFC boarding trip/stag do for monsieur Branfield who is shortly to get married to the very wonderful Steffi!

AS you can see tis party time here, pizza, beers and work, god i know how to live! (To anyone reading this at work - yes i am actually working, but thought i would take a little break!)

So here’s to another year, hopefully a little bit more active than the winter now that the summer months are coming. More walks, climbs, riding, kiting, surfing, boarding(read skiing for Gav, Mike and Fiddi - it is the new cool i tell thee!).

Happy birthday IBFC!

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