Sunday, February 18, 2007

Yawn stretch, is it spring yet?

IBFC seem to hibernated well and truly through the winter, hopefully we'll be kicking this behaviour in the guts with the impending boarding trip to Les Arcs. The general lack of excursions hasn't been helped by having NO money after the rally, Davros moving and my impending shift up to Telscombe Cliffs which was looking pretty sweet on Sat evening as the sun went down over Brighton.

Beach Sunset
Kate definatley took this photo on Friday afternoon, Warren

Cliff Sunset
and this one

as soon as we get a bit more light in the evenings and the South Downs cease to look like an overworked mud wrestling arena IBFC will cease to be a lifestyle blog and get back to where we started.

Need to check the exact date but we're also coming up for our 1st birthday!!!

Christof 'the overfed from Sunday lunch but quite content' Lawler

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