Sunday, February 22, 2009

Flash, Bang Wollop...

What a picture. What a photograph. Sunday found Jon, Ant and I wandering around the Focus on Imaging show, staring wide eyed at all the lecherous old men wagging long lenses at anything female and going phwoaaarrr! Awful. Anyway, I've never been to one of these things before and it was a mixed bag.



Something way over there must be REALLY interesting!

Need I say more...

Good to have a look at lots of expensive stuff that none of us can afford. Geek tastic.

Auron 2009

Massive amounts of snow met us as we wove our way up the road from Nice to the resort of Auron in the Alpes Maritimes and we were met by a round about that looked like a cake.


After my recent fall, I was set to take things very easy, but after a tentative first day of riding, it seemed as if my knee was ok and Steffi and I had some really nice runs, cruising around the place. The off piste potential is huge here and its dead quiet. We kept things respectable and went really fast every where as it stayed bright and cold.



The only bummer was that Steffi's binding had an intermittent problem which caused her to go splat on her face and gave her a big nasty bruise on her leg and a stiff neck. Basically, a quick release clip to re-size the binding for different size boots was coming undone, releasing her ski and depositing her on her face. Very lucky that it happened when she was going reasonably slowly as we had been tanking around the place at full tilt. Turns out they had been recalled in the USA...



Silly chops.

Snow was deep, about 3m at the top and the normally head high signs were at knee level. Spot on.

Anyway, we all had a brilliant week and enjoyed some superb weather which burnt our faces well and truly. Last day was spent sitting soaking up the sun in almost beach like heat.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Patchy Repairs...

Snow has gone (only just) so we are off to find some more! Steffi and I are off to Auron in France for a few days on the slopes with Joy and Jerry. It will be a bit touch and go for me, as my knee is still a bit sore in certain movements - going to play it by ear and not over do things! Good snow out there apparently, with snow forecast giving 2m in the village and three at the top!

After consultation with the main man of knowledge, I've made repairs to my waterproofs following the accident. I've got quite into sewing (!) - the rip stop nylon kite tape and my secret extra ingredient have made for good repairs to the big crampon and rock rips. Big thanks to James Linford for the tip! The Big Walls Live!


Hoping to get back out on the bike after next week and also start to run again. Half marathon is on the 15th March!!!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Wow!! Snow!!! Like, WOW!!

Or something. Anyway, Steffi's school was closed today, so as we were up at the normal time, we went and played in the dawn snow before everyone else ruined it! Greedy old us.

Minou was fascinated and it came up to her tummy. We had about 4 inches in MK this morning and I had to help dig out Ant's car AND push him onto the road so he could get to work. Ahh the dis-advantage of 'working' from home.

Anyway, here are the pics:

Back Garden. Looking better than ever as you can't see the mud!

The street.

Grand Union Canal.

Confused sheep.

Freddy Mercury dropped by...

Big paws.