Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Soggy old XC...







The other evening Jon Leigh (Sams cousin, for those who know) went for a very damp XC burn after work. I know we all go on these, but I had the camera, so I thought I'd post it up as the site has been suffering the neglect of IBFCDIY, of late! So wet, was it that we stuck to more established routes as a lot of the fields that we'd have normally hacked over were about a foot under water.

We came across a Moris Minor graveyard down the side of the railway line to Northampton, which produced thoses GCSE style photos above. Shame to see those lovely old cars sitting and rotting, but thats the way it goes. Jon regretted wearing long trousers and I regretted being out of shape. Nice to be out though and topped off with a pint at the Black Horse.

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