Sunday, July 13, 2008

King of the Castle

Well, maybe not the King. A serf or peasant, more like. Had a great weekend all round, went to Mum's retirement bash on Friday night, which was ace as loads of the village community turned out and thanked for all her hard work over the last 18 (!) years... Lots of sandwiches and cake. Mmmm. Then lounged at home and caught up with what M+D had been up to, getting back in time for a blast on my bike at Woburn, where the jumping is coming along nicely. Still not done the small road gap. Need motivating partner to shout at me.

Then off to Gav's on Sunday morning for a peak at his flat, to lend drill bits and most importantly, to climb at the Castle! We got in around mid day and met up with Gav's friend Steven before getting stuck into the bouldering. Routes were dispatched with grace and ease, less grace and less ease and not dispatched at all!




The Castle is a seriously good venue and I reckon, probably the best indoor wall I've been to - loads of nooks and crannies, various rooms and a great vibe (with not too many tops-off-heroes). We had a good run on the bouldering before roping up and doing a few top ropes and leads. Either their grading is steep or I'm less good than I thought I was. I'll let you draw your own conclusions!

PS. We know about the Banner absence and are sorting it. Somehow it never rises to the top of the 'important' pile in work...

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