Thursday, July 10, 2008

New things my phone has seen

As life is turgidly boring, here are some of the exciting things that I/my phone have witnessed over the last few weeks...

Peter, Steffi's brother's sweet music setup - including waa waa pedal, chaos pad and death ray. Too legit. Peter and Pippa are getting married and have got a sprog (gummage in Peter talk) on the way! congratulations!

Some sweet taxidermy. Taxidermy rocks and is a constant source of boredom beater. Lots of it on e-bay. This fine specimen was lurking in a royal hunting lodge in Epping Forrest.

Our super fighting, spikey attack cat, Minou, complete with her first kill. Which she brought into the lounge and dropped at our feet. It then flew through the house, pooing and squawking... She knows that Taxidermy rocks and wants to get her collection started. Nice one, mog.

Climbing at Castle with El Ginge on Sat as massive clouds stop wet play.

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