Monday, July 21, 2008

I'll have the snails please, red wine......and a Chalet

Well here it is, Chalet Clair Matin.

These are all pretty poor shots taken under extreme mental fatigue having spent the day negotiating an agreement in my best (worst) French with the unfeasibly friendly owner. The rest of the shots are up on Flickr but really don't do it justice

It's not quite ours yet but it's all over bar the fat lady lady singing and we are now registering our company at which point it becomes legally binding, although we have sent a sizeable enough deposit to cause involuntary twitching to make sure it's a done deal.

Ext I
Chalet from the road into Morzine 4 mins walk from the lifts

There is a self contained 3 bed apartment downstairs (on the left looking at the above pic) complete with kitchen. Seperate on the right side through the side door is the sauna, wet room shower and hot tub that looks out over the valley.

On the middle floor is the kitchen and dining room, three double bedrooms and the lounge, widescreen home cinema, balcony and a wicked view.

Upstairs is a large loft room that could sleep 5 friends comfortably or a family and a small loft room that sleeps 3 -4.

Website, availability, contact numbers and prices, transfer details are all on the way for some kind of launch by the end of August, just after the captive bred flying pigs are released back into the wild!!!

Sauna, conspicous lack of superhero underpants, long may it continue

hot tub

table from lounge
Kitchen and dinning room from the entrance

loft big I
Large loft room

loft big II

balcony middle view
view from the dinning room

Table from Mezanine
Looking down from the stairs.

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