Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I arranged for it to snow last week in Morzine so we could get some nice exterior shots of the chalet in a winter stylee. I have now re-requested sunshine before the IBFC crew head out to Les Gets next week for two wheeled fun.

Avec Neige

We're heading out again on the 16th to pick up any body/bike parts left on the mountain by an over enthusiatic Finter and co. and to get some interior shots for the website and do a load of other odds and sods all of which will more than likely require us to part with more cash for the pleasure of experiencing some more French bureaucracy, which so far hasn't been too bad but I'm not holding my breath.

wanna flake in that luv?

We met with a couple of guys last night who are going to give us an idea of website and logo design having decided on the name MountainSpaces, clearly not as inspired as Tom's Chalet-I-Shan't-I but unfortuntaley dot com wasn't available, neither was ho hum, such is life.

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