Monday, August 04, 2008

Website Visuals

We've got some non functional visuals of the website back from the designer any comments would be more than welcome.

Homepage Visual

we've got a couple of suggestions to make but I won't mention them as I'd be interested to see what people come up with, colour scheme layout etc. The name is just a type face, it's not our actual logo as that's on another quote. Pictures might not be completely relevant to the headings as we've only given the designers some 'stock' images so the photography will improve.

Booking Form Visual

Clarity, ease of use and standing out with a touch of class are our main objectives. Can't really comment on anything else yet as we haven't written the copy.

Availability Visual

General view opinions in a language I understand are welcome as are Gav's suggestions/comments in a geek language I don't. Honest opinions wanted if it's not right we need to change ASAP.

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