Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Alpes Part Deux!

Quite a week! Leaving Blighty behind and meeting up in a BP station forecourt, Team IBFC headed back out to dish some abuse to the hills of Les Gets and Morzine and if the Swiss thought they'd get away un tarnished, they were wrong!

Steffi and I joined forces with Daryl, Gemma, Gav, Jen (all too briefly) and Expat Mike for a week of sun, walking, riding, beer, BBQs in rain, hot tubs, more beer and an unfeasible amount of punctures!

We were back at Chalet Martinet, not through fierce loyalty, but just because its a cracking place and well priced! After a small recovery sleep and sauna, we set to it on Sunday with a drive to Les Lindarets (Goat Village) and saw the most amazing amount/collection of classic cars, doing a rally tour. Renault Alpines, TR6s, old Porches, a Fiat 500 Arbath, lots of Triumphs and all manner of others. Amazing, Mike nearly exploded. Then it was on and up the hill to a chair lift and a walk to the amazing waterfall for lunch!





Monday was the start of the biking and for this, I will try and get Daryl to post!


Des Cosmiques with Mt Blanc behind, in cloud...

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