Friday, August 22, 2008

Ooooh, arty

After an incredibly boring day off work due to cyclone inbound for downtown Hong Kong (everything shuts, nothing to do, cabin fever) I decided to post some more pedestrian photos of our Alpine adventures.

Cheers for a great week everyone, it was excellent catching up, having quality time with my homies and confusing my inner workings with too much cheese. See you at Christmas for more. By the way, if anyone fancies some festive chilli-wing action, I bought a jar of Zhuangxiang Top Capsicum Extremely Hot sauce. I quote from the label...

"King of hot pepper of Wu Lao Gui's has unique places, openning the bottle lid will have fermented phenomenon in period of time. And only pass the pur king of hot pepper of Zhang rural area who fermented naturally, could only release out the best taste out of the common, strong, overbearingly hot fragrant. Hand over the surface, stir-fry, mix the sauced material on the steamed bun, a sense is first-class".

It looks nasty. Anyone game?




We should have won... we were frickin robbed!!



Le boeuf est dans la vache

Un Grand Coq...

I want one of these if you're stuck for Cristmas present ideas...

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