Monday, August 18, 2008

Aston Hill.

Wet, slimey rooty and technical come to mind. Yesterdays ride at Aston Hill was far harder riding than any of the rooted wooded sections that we hit in the Alps. Mostly because of the greasy nature of the roots. However, it was still fun and we had a little sesh on the 4x course, of which the video below is:

More footage than this, but Adam is going to have to wait for me to finish the video to see the best bits!

In total Adam, Neil and Andy came up from down south and I finally managed to Jon out on a working bike. He did admirably considering he was riding his Azonic jump frame!
The confusion over which route is which continues, but DH3 was the best, most flowing route that I ran there, by far.

Car park Enduro based geek out.

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