Monday, September 17, 2007

Mike the Expat

Thought I'd put up some pictures of me working very, very hard in Hong Kong. But I can't because I don't work very hard, so here are a couple of me on a Junk trip instead. Hong Kong is a lot of fun, hectic, beer is expensive but watches are cheap. And there are lots of friendly ladies from the Philipines who all keep trying to hold my hand, which I must say is most welcoming of them. I've finally unpacked my bike but don't have my mountain biking licence yet (seriously!) so I'm yet to try out the trails (Hong Kong is small enough to actually get caught!), but I joined the HK Ultimate Frisbee league, yet another extreme sport for IBFC!

It is good here, everyone should come and visit (but not in August or September, because you'll die of sweating).

Hong Kong 2

Hong Kong

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