Monday, September 03, 2007

Better Lake than Never

Finally got the post problems at home and busy at work haven't helped.

Bloomin brilliant weekend though twas, Me (Daryl), Gem, Rich and Anna all got up to the Lakes on Friday pitched up rather prompt and started a fire, wahey. Up really early the next morning for me and Rich and straight down to Grizedale forest on the bikes. Did a loop of the North Face Trail which was very good indeed then straight to the pub to meet the girls for lunch and then out on the water in a cheeky little sport 16 dinghy where Rich did a sterling job of steering us round the lake, then I took over and almost nailed it into the side of some poor folks happily sailing along. Rich then tried to split my difference coming back into dock!!

got up early again on the Sunday and went up the langdale pikes, up to Pavey Ark and then a scramble up Jacks Rake, which the girls did brilliantly on considering it was there first scramble and Anna's first time up a mountain! Decided on the way down we should go to the pub, then on arrival thought the only thing for it was to get absolutely plastered. Hit up the swings on the way back from the pub to complete the radness and then early to bed...bloody marvellous, I want to go back. SOON






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