Monday, September 03, 2007

Stanage Edge



Wasson Ho?!?! Amazing day out at Stanage Edge in the Peaks on Sat. After deciding to have a few ales in Stoney on Friday, Gav and I woke with the birds (or more likely the cat licking my face) and were in Shef at 9am just as Decathlon were opening their doors, allowing me to purchase some more nuts and a rope bag. Then a bit of faffing ensued (!) as we waited for the climbing shop to open and buy the Eastern Grit Rockfax book... Arrived at the High Neb car park just before 12 and headed west to a climb called New Years Eve (Vdiff, I think). Proper Bo. We hit a couple more before I decided to up the anti and had a go at 'February Crack', a VS and took three attempts to do the last move after about a 15 min shakey gear placement trauma. Gav didn't fancy it, so I abbed down and spent a further 10 mins trying to get said bit of gear out after sitting on it. Last up was back towards High Neb and having got up the first part, realised that we didn't have the right gear to protect the moves on the Vdif we were on (cam needed, I thought) so had a crack at another VS next door and again after much grunting, made the last move. Gav fairly flashed it on the top rope and we both left with big silly grins!

Climbing with a madman!!!

Gav on 'New Year's Eve' our first outdoor lead. Vdiff.

If it wasn't bombproof, I wasn't climbing...

Cheeky ab to get my brand new nut back out.

Last climb of the day and pump enduced panicky last move above that hex... Just like to point out that I did indeed climb the first bit, not just walk up the dirt to the right. Just resting contemplating defeat, here.

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