Friday, September 07, 2007

Goodwood Revival

I've just noticed this is the 100th post on IBFC!!

Spent a thoroughly British weekend at teh Goodwood revival last weekend with Kate and her 'rents. Quite different to the Festival of Speed as it was more about the racing. Having watched come of the big engined American cars and particularly the bikes I have decided that racing drivers from the 50's and 60's have to do all the stuff todays drivers do plus have an enourmous set of b****cks to account for the fact the cornering and stopping were equal measures of pot luck and skill executed at high speed whilst sliding sidways on rubbish tyres with no roll bars. I could be a Formula One driver today piece of cake................mmmm cake

Evening Officer
Durin' the war

Chris & Kate
Woollen trousers itch and make your nuts hot, fact.

Race 2
broom broom

Chris & Car
Did I mention I've chopped the Golf in?

Oi oi.

I say, spiffing day Winco', mmm fabulous General, more Pimms

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