Sunday, August 13, 2006

Our second home.









Quite a bits happened on the biking front in the last few weeks, all leading to some sort of climax in the Alps next week, hopefully. Chris has managed to replace his nicked GT with a sparkly new Kona Scrap, which he couldn't stop looking at the other day in my lounge! We've all been there. Or maybe not! Looks like a really solid trail bike and seemed to ride like a dream today at Chicksands...

I have sorted out my quite woefull situation of not having the Enduro for a week, as the Evans boys in Crawley sorted me out with a new 2007 Fox DHX 5.0 just in the nick of time for me to ride this weekend. Saturday was consumed with an early evening ride at Woburn, with some really fast and dry trail (comlete with bloodied forarms from the Gausse bushes) and a bit of a muck about on the 'downhill' routes and jumps. Not really rating Woburn very much, as the trails have really fallen into dis-repair and it now mostly seems to be a jump spot and not much else...

Chris arrived after our blast and on Sunday we headed over to Rowney Warren to play in the freeride area. We've all been buying a fair bit of kit recently, so in the misguided tought that other people look at this site, we'll start to review a few of the bits and bobs in the next few weeks or so. Stop Press. No really.

Anyway, it was raining when we got there and I thought it could be all over, but it soon stopped and we had a brilliant ride, running the dual course and trails with Phil and his mates that we'd met there before. Best trail of the day being the bomb hole run into the little road gap trail. Mike had a nice crash on one of the jumps, which seemed to affect me, just by watching it and I soon packed in the jumping. Chris was on form as usual and had some nice ladder stuff before breaking his saddle clasp which had us all looking in the twiggs like a bunch of dicks! Some poeple just ride too damn hard, eh Christoph?! Nicely rounded off with the larger of the two drops into the bomb hole and then a jaw slackening roll down the 4X course. Will be building up to that, methinks!!! Very impressed with the DHX and new Brand X stem. Will attempt to review like I know what I'm talking about.

Next stop Morzine!

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