Monday, August 07, 2006

Mad rushabout!

Lots of things needed sorting on Friday arvo, and I was looking down the barrel of a very scarry gun, as I'd blown my 5th Elephant shock in Wales last weekend (rebound damping? What rebound damping?) and was desperately trying to sort out getting a replacement under warrenty before next week and our Apline adventures! Spesh warrantees department were really helpful, saying they'd replace the 5th with a DHX 5 straight away, but on ringing Mojo, I found that they only had one left! Not good. Anyway, after a little BBQ action on Friday at Rich and Anna's and getting shouted at by the neighbours for playing on the swings at 12:30 (!) and a bit of light shed demolition at my parent's house on Sat, I hooked up with Gav, Chris and Adam MJ at Leith Hill, for a spot of trail action. Chris was trialling a Kona Stuff and doing his best to destroy it (given the reaction of the staff member who took it back and noticed the peeled up sticker, he'd have had kittens if he'd seen Chris actually riding it!), as you should with any test bike! Very quick trail day, Chris seems to up the pace on every single outing and as Adam pointed out, can just ride through corners without any apparent change of direction! Gav was hot on the pace after his last sickly show at Leith, and we all had a good cruise in general. Loving that little jump at the bombholes area. After a good little session where Adam, the forgotten member of ELO, shone a light on our lives (!) with some nice x-ups and Chris and I sarted to learn tabletops, we reaced back to Crawley to sort bikes and for the helpful guys at Crwaley Evans to sort my shock nightmare out. Cheers to them as it should all be sorted by Friday!

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