Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Harrisons Rocks II

Having been up to Stone Farm and Harrison’s quite a few times with the Brighton Explorers I’m starting to get to know my way round the area and some of the climbs. Really starting to see some progression with my technique and climbing strength and quite frankly the ‘semi pro crew from Bucks’ wouldn’t stand a ‘snow balls’ faced with the awesome collective power of the sandstone massive. Not only that in the true spirit of IBFC, Lucy did indeed bake the cake, Hooyah.

The pic of the empty, roped up climb on the corner has got the mother of all leg jams about a third of the way up. It took Matt ages to convince me it would work and three or four attempts to suss out cantilevering most of my weight through a horizontal jammed leg while pulling off a dyno to characteristically smooth round sandstone and a softly, softly catchee monkey move over the remainder of the section. All followed by a crack further left that needs a fisted hand jam about 2/3rds of the way up to get any where near pulling it off. Seriously pumped arms after the crack left me 1 move from the top unable to finish the bugger off!! Now I’ve got it sussed I’ll stop tw&*ing about and have it first go next time (maybe).

Patrick's hanging about trying 'Niblick'. Tricky little blighter with quite an amusing end requiring a body jam through a really small hole!

Unfortunately the evenings are already noticeably shorter so I’m just gonna enjoy getting outside after work for as long as possible.
Later Y’all

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