Friday, August 18, 2006

2006 Kona Srap Medium (17")

Mmm new shiny thing. Kona Scrap 2006 (not Scrape thank you Michael) Only had one ride real ride on the new steed, well kind of 2 including the test ride on the Kona Stuff. The whole experience is very very different to the Aggressor, the Marzochi Dirt Jam Pros are such a difference to the old school ‘Judy’ Rox Shox that adorned the GT god rest its soul. Having uncharacteristically read the destructions I upped the rebound damping to 1 turn off fully damped set the air pressure in the right fork to 35psi and wound the preload to ¾ full for a pre alps huck round Chicksands.

Spent a bit of time tinkering before hitting the dual slalom. It was a completely different experience riding it on the Kona compared to the GT, where as on the GT I felt slightly like I was surviving the course, on the Kona landings felt much more planted and stable and the smaller frame made muscling the bike round in the air much more natural and fun, still working on the tweaks but just being able to line the bike up for a landing is confidence inspiring. Before long I was happily nailing the first jump of the course which requires a committed pedal burst down the start ramp stopping literally at the foot of the take off, dial that jump and speed for the rest of the course just flows.

Had a bit of a high speed blast at Leith Hill down Summer Lighting but I’m still to see what its like when you press on a bit rather than trying to get permanently airborne but so far I’m dead chuffed.
Things to do, refit grips as they’re a bit slidy, correctly seat front hub bearings, re-tune gears, get wheel checked for spoke tension, unfortunately all a result of selling my soul to the Devil and buying from Evans, still can’t grumble about the price.


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