Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What's that coming over the hill?

Spent all winter season looking out of the chalet balcony over to the right and the untracked snow on the Pointe de Ressachaux, with the weather muchos sunny and clear we decided it was time to get up it.

Good lord are we not there yet?
pointe de Ressachaux

Drove partly up the road to the Prodain lift to the bottom of the trail, by this time the peak was out of sight behind a blind summit and the tree line.

All I can say about the trail is I have never walked up such an unrelenting gradient, literally from the foot of the road at 1050m the trail rose to 1800m and the tiny refuges at Le Creux without any let up. It was difficult to even find somewhere to put your bag and get a drink.

Top looking down
looking down back into the valley

Going Down
you can't see where the trail goes, because it goes DOWN

Just waiting to tackle Pointe de Nantaux as you look out of the chalet and look left, looks like there's a pretty fearsome ridge to contend with in addition to 3 hours of gruelling uphill slog, sweet!

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