Monday, June 29, 2009


After a weeks riding, you soon want to be back on it, so we were supposed to meet Mr Bowles at Chicksands, but he couldn't make it, so we sweated it out instead...

Great stuff all round except for the absolute lunatic who roped off a trail to dig a jump. The problem was that he literally just roped it off between two trees with a very non visable brown rope and a few dangly bits on it. A guy who'd been running the trail all day hit it airbourne at full tilt and could have actually decapitated himself - he was really lucky not to be seriously hurt. Keep it safe out there.

Jon wasn't feeling it at first as he doesn't like to session stuff too much, but he was soon grinning and we had a good ride. I got the one hander out again and would like to point out that I did about 20 in a row and lots bigger than the shot below, but Jon couldn't force the fuji's slow assed shutter to coincide. Heres a small one anyway...




Freeride light.


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