Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Beast is BACK!

Thats right, back on the bike!!!


After much deliberation, price ups on Santa Cruz Nomads and general can I, can't I, I bit the bullet and managed to buy an 08 Trek Remedy 8, which my LBS had been using as their demo - but had only been out a handful of rides. As a result, I'm really pleased as I have an awsome and very fast steed again!


The Gerbil gets airbourne...

The new Bombers are prime for this stuff.

Jon has been building up his sweet little Stinky in prep for our four day Alpine assault next week, and getting in the practice down at Woburn when he's not been working. Very nice the build is looking too, with some nice new hope hubs and brakes, its mostly complete. Fast too, Jon put me to shame on the trails he's been running and neither of us can wait to get out to see Chris. BOOOYAAA!

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