Monday, June 15, 2009

Dorset Climb

I drove down to Pompey on Friday arvo, to take advantage of Daryl's flexi time and we headed straight over the Sandbanks ferry, picking up a court summons, to start a very wierd 24 hours...

We'd planned to do a spot of sport climbing at Winspit, bivvy at the crag and then carry on early o'clock the next day. This started well, with a bit of a leaden sky and some rain dodging, we managed to get a few nice routes in before feeling the fatigue and finding a nice 'cave witha view' for cooking up some din dins!



We then toddled off up to the pub for a few ciders and crossed paths with a group of people coming down. We duly carried on and enjoyed the atmosphere at the pub and the Morris men all getting drunk. We then headed back down, only to find that the group of people that we'd met on the way up were a group of Poles from London, having a party, so we were offered vodka and joined in!


Several hours later and after we'd promised half of Poland that we'd teach them to sport climb, we dug our bags out of their excellent hiding spot and bivvied down, somewhat ready for bed. The next day I felt awful (stomach bug, not hang over, well maybe a bit) and could hardly walk, let alone climb, so after a few aborted attempts, I gave over to belay only, whilst Daryl dug deep and did an excellent route to finish - probably the best he's done outdoors - and only completed because there were people watching.

I was so ill that I had to stop driving on my way home and it knocked me out for the entire weekend. Still don't feel 100%. What did help was a four hour ride yesterday where I really did get to grips with the new Trek. I'm LOVING it!

Daryl on the newly bolted route. Excellent!

Oh, remember that its CASH ONLY on the sandbanks ferry and don't point out to the jobsworth that you can use a card for any amount anywhere these days...

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