Monday, May 12, 2008

Woburn. My back Yard.

Thats right, my very underused back yard. Its all a bit fragmented and you can never rely on the state of any of the building, but it is what it is and good for session-ing.


We started off with a warm up xc type ride thingy which got the blood pumping and sweat drenching as it was absolutely boiling! Nice to ride fast, dry trails at maximum pace on spec and good driftability. After a favorite blast through the yellow gauze and the bloodied forearms that that entails, we started sessioning the jumps and little down hill runs... V good fun it was too and I had a look at a medium sized gap/step down thing but decided against it before witnessing a guy absolutely monster the big road gap. awesome. We hit the hip jump which I hadn't ridden before and it was really smooth. Did some filming and advanced the trick bag with Chris's no footers and my small one handers. All good.
Bad shot below but it kinda illustrates.


Back home for BBQ, beer and relaxing. Good luck Chris and Kate on their Chalet meeting, today!

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