Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dorset-Bank Holiday Camping

Howdy, a bit late this post but I now have photos as well...

Gem, me (Daryl), Steve and Gemma all zinged our way down to Langton Matravers again on the Friday for a spot of camping and climbing-complete with Steve's fabulous new invention-the pizza oven in a barbecue! After setting up and having a bit of food and a fire we retired fairly early on Friday to set oursleves up for Sat. Saturday morning saw the arrival of Chrissi, Gareth, Dan, Michelle and we all set off for Winspit. With 4 of us climbing and the other 4 favouring the walk to a pub approach to extreme sports. Steve and I had a good crack at quite a few routes and the wrist didn't seem to slow me up at all. We started with a 6a which I toproped-beautiful! We then did a couple of 5's another 6a, also tried a 6a+ by the name of Rampant Love Jugs and then I rounded the day out with a nice tall climb back in the main quarry-complete with loose block on the final crux...

Steve on route in corner


Textbook belaying

testing the wrist


Burgler on the roof

We met the others back at the pub who certainly seemed to be enjoying the cider-especially gareth! We then retreated to camp to meet up with Sophie and George. Had a game of French cricket with some youngsters-who Gareth educated with some colourful language. Sterling effort there son...

We then repeated the whole fire, drinking, talking rubbish (especially Gareth) process again and the headed down to Headbury the next morning for some more climbing where we tackled a grade 1-TASTY..Gem and george flew up this and then the grade 2/3 next to it before rain stopped play for lunch. The rain seemed to be set in so we abandoned the climbing in favour of another fire back at camp and a chance to really test out the pizza oven-which created some of the best tasting pizza ever. Good effort on that creation Steve, and watch this space for future developments of the barby...........

Gem flying

Oven complete with Thermostat

Fire-I'm burning

What a creation

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