Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Been very quiet on the posting front as all sorts of busyness has kept me/us from doing the things we like to do and share... I have found a sweet local spot where a mate of mine rides his trials bike (motorbike) and I intend to start building some stuff there, so I will keep you posted. I have entered into next year's London Marathon (Suppress laughter, now) with Ant, Gav and Daryl although its a bit of a lottery, but training will commence with fury next week, honest. We have done some more work on the house and have almost finished (pics may follow), the cat is bigger and all are looking forward to the Alps trip in Aug.

I did the exhausting Made in Brunel shoot over the weekend and it was top, nice work, guys, I intend to attend this year.

Daryl and crew went to the south coast climbing/camping so I'D LIKE TO SEE THE PICTURES OF WHAT I MISSED. Sorry, didn't realise about the caps there - too lazy to change. Afan is on the horizon, too. Will get on it.

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