Monday, May 19, 2008

Holmburry ride...

The area around Holmburry Hill may very well be part of the Bermuda Triangle. More specifically, Peaslake. Every time I try to get there to ride, I end up in a warren of tracks, circling around whilst trying to map read and stay out of the hedges... Maybe its all part of a Government conspiracy to keep the numbers down before the the introduction of a MTB based stealth tax, like in Hong Kong?

After various alcoholic assaults the night before, from the Pompey FA cup pubs, to me getting involved in a whiskey and tequila 'tasting' session at Ant's birthday BBQ, it was amazing that we all showed up on time at a rammed Peaslake car park, ready to ride!





Starting off, we hit the classic Y-Pots - it was dry, rooty and great fun, blasting the cobwebs away and getting thoroughly stuck in. After some faff and Daryl producing printed out directions, we got lost and saw some new trails, Yanis hemeraged tools and Daryl kicked a rock, before finding our way over to the reservoir and BKB. This produced huge grins all round as the pace was fast and super engaging. I had a little root induced trip to the floor, but it was all good and we hiked straight back up to run the whole shebang again.



After the hike and a quick stop for refreshments, we hit the same loop and took some photos. We took the route down Telegraph Road after Y-P and almost ran smack into some weirdy beardy who refused to get off the trail even when presented with five bikers at speed. All his friends had stepped politely off the trail to let us through but he obviously owned that stretch. Daryl was ready to fight.

Anyway. A few new trails at the bottom of T-R for me and then back to run BKB and take some of the photos. Really good day out. Some of the most bizare driving was witnessed on the way out, but again, I think that was a government social experiment...



PS. Daryl has bought all sorts of new things for his bike at mated rates and refuses to share the love. What a scumbag!


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