Thursday, March 30, 2006

Climbing K2

Well, well... With weather worse than of late and an out of action bike after the crash that caused Chris' brand new brake leaver to twang in two, we headed to the new K2 climbing wall in Crawley for a spot of monkeying around before a night of dancing and drinking (in reverse order!) in Brighton. (poetry style) K-2 is nice and new and bathed in lovely light, with grippy holds and moves so bold, it was a true delight. We shimmy-ed up and fell back down, all afternoon it seemed, we forced a frown from local staff and left there fully creamed!!! (bit gay. Sorry, catalogue Argoh is getting to me...)

Twas good to see Rich and Anna and Chris and I ended the day with a nice lead to get the adrenalin going. Where was the bouldering area? Idiots.

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