Monday, April 03, 2006

Chicksands 01/04/06

Hello Peeps! More boring pics of what you guys missed out on... Nice weather and a bit of a hangover, so I wasn't feeling it too much, but as ever, Adam and fellow Brightonian Andy were on form. Andy did all of the chickshore, except the see-saw (terrifying) whilst i managed to wheelspin off the 3 inch high one, straight off. pro. Had a good blast with those guys on the DS and other jumps and we all had a play on the ladder drops, with Andy claiming the big beast - first drop he pretty much dribbled off the end and I was releived to see him rolling out down the hill! I allways think the locals are a bit intimidating there, but the reality is far from it and everyone was super nice. Mike showed up late and we had a great blast for a few more hours including some more DS where I had a catastrophic berm related crash from trying to show off!! No pics of mike as I'd put the camera away by then, but he did the ladder too.





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