Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mike riding desert extreme stylee




Here are some pics from my desert riding in Egypt. The valley is a wadi, a dried up river bed, and made of mostly sharp rocks and sand. It is just on the edge of Cairo city and a truly spectacular setting for a peddle. Even though it was evening it was pretty warm, although ice-cold by Egyptian standards, and my face passed through various shades of beetroot before giving up completely. The ride was finished off with a cold beer at the car, a tradition that I strongly suggest we adopt at webrakeforcake!


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Steffi said...

Mike, where's the rest of the village people. What possesed you to 1)wear the shorts, 2)Go out in public in them, 3)Allow yourself to be photographed in them, 4) POST A PICTURE OF YOU IN THEM ON THE INETRNET.